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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 29/03/2011 - 20:50

I'd be for working class democratic control of the relief mission. I'd be for the rebels in Libya saying give us the arms, let us have strategic control over the planes, the technology etc. We're not saying to the rebels shoot down the US planes- we are saying let the Libyan rebels control the military campaign.

Another example would be Haiti. Would we have welcomed US soldiers in the guise of relief? No. We wouldn't be for the shooting of the US soldiers handing out food- but would be for the relief to be under civilian control, for mass aid, for civilian volunteers- nurses, doctors etc. If soldiers were utilised for their logistical skills we'd be for them surendering their weapons and under the defence and control of the Hitian masses. That doesn't mean we'd advocate shooting the US soldiers, that would be not only suicidal but absurd when they are ostensibly supplying releif, but we are for their wirhdrawla as soldiers, or disarmament which amoutns to the same thing- until or if they use their military might to crush the working class, then of course we'd support the right of armed resistance. But it does mean we support working class independence.

Every Gadaffi controlled tank blown up is good- whoever does it. But the US, French, UK impeiralism represent a huge threat- we should be for Libyan working class control of the war and society.

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