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Submitted by Dr Paul on Sun, 27/03/2011 - 21:30

To digress a little, I find it fascinating that the AWL, which condemned much of the left for its backing an undifferentiated 'resistance' in Iraq, including extreme Islamists, is giving a carte blanche to the anti-Gadaffi forces in Libya.

Why is it, when AWL members solemnly warned us to beware Islamist forces lurking in Tunisia and Egypt during the mobilisations against Ben Ali and Mubarak, we are not warned in any AWL article on Libya about their very real presence here in the ranks of the rebels alongside the renegade members of Gadaffi's state machine and the genuinely democratic elements? Do these people not represent as big a menace in a post-Gadaffi or partitioned Libya as they do elsewhere in the region?

Might you not actually be presenting a case for your readers to support a post-Gadaffi regime in which Islamists -- and do not forget that a disproportionately high number of al Qaeda cadres hailed from Libya -- can play a major role? Might not the collapse of Gadaffi's regime lead to a situation in which a nasty disfunctional regime that was hostile to Islamism becomes replaced by one in which the Islamists play an important role?

The situation in Libya is more akin to that in Iraq than that in Tunisia and Egypt in that the total or partial collapse of Gadaffi's regime will lead to a very chaotic situation, and it is under such conditions that Islamism of the most extreme brands tend to make the running. After all, the only country in which al Qaeda proper has made itself an operational base is post-invasion Iraq.

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