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Submitted by Jason on Sun, 27/03/2011 - 15:46

Ed I think you are being unfair to say that what Dan and I argue is mindless "at odds with critical thinking...
ceas[ing] to think... monotone"

Imperialist control fo the bombing plays into Gadaffi's hands at least in the short-term and means they are in control. I spoke to a Libyan activist on yesterday's demo who agreed with me that it would be much better to arm the rebels and give them control over th emilitary operation. He said that in his opinion that's what most of the Libyans supporting the revolution want to. He did say he wasn't against the bombing and that is understandable- I'm not against bombing Gadaffi's forces only the imperialist control of the bombing.

Stop the War have the wrong focus though when I spoke to some on the antiwar contingent yesterday they weremn't at all against being for the Libyan revolution- however thier placards and slogans did not make that explicit. That is a serious mistake I think.

This is a serious debate- at elast when had with libyan exiles who have good reason to be grateful for not being massacred by Gadaffi. But the job of socialists is to point out the need for rebel control of the arms, of the war and society. We don't oppose imperialism merely for the sake of it but because of the historical record of the big powers pursuing their own interests, over the corpses of the working class, in our millions. Victory to the Libyan revolution! Against imperialist control!

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