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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 25/03/2011 - 15:52

The case against the war is not to say do nothing. The population of Benghazi faced death. UK arms dealers supplied Gadaffi with arms used to kill Libyan people. What we should have been demanding is arm the rebels, inernational workers' assistance to the revolution, workers' movement collections for the fighters in Benghazi and free Libya, for those in Yemen, Syria and elesewhere.

Now we should be demanding the withdrawal of imperialist led planes and bombs from Libya and for the Libyan people to take control, for revolutionary democratic committees of Libyan people to be in control of the military campaign against Gadaffi. We should be against the bombing campaign by French, US and UK missiles and protest on the streets, instead demanding arms to the rebels, support for the revolution and Libyan workers' democratic control of the resources. We should join the Libyan demonstrators against Gadaffi and argue our case for support for the revolutin but against Western troops whose governments are targetting the oil.

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