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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 22/03/2011 - 19:42

I was wondering whether the subject line of Daniel's reply to me ("I was perfectly fucking polite how dare you?") was unintended irony or a strange sense of humour.

I suppose I've had worse but I don't think accusing someone of dogma or slavish addiction is really particularly polite but hey- and this is important because there are people out there interested int his for very understandable reasons giving some kind of critical suppoirt to imperialism- many Libyan exiles for example. Perfectly undertandable but no less wrong for that as there is a whole wealth of history sdaly to show that asking the US, Frencch, British controlled forces to intervene on the side of justice is forlorn.

Nowhere did I say that our 'first priority' is to oppose imperialism or the no-fly zone. Opposing Gadaffi, supporting the revolution is as if not more important. I think as socialists and internationalists we should also be clear that French, US, UK planes, ships, special forces in Libya should be opposed as the fight against Gadaffi is for freedom, for the right to organise, for the Libyan people's to have contorl of thier onw destiny.

I think one person did say on the PR website that the AWL often follow th eposition of the British government's foregin policy. To me that is hyperbole and not that helpful perhaps - however if there is a posiiton of no opposition to the no-fly zone, no opposition to the intervention (only a lack of trust) on this occasion it is not hard to see why someone may indeed think this position is to all intents and purposes identical.

However, as I say that is the not spectacularly helpful hyperbole of one person. I am more interested in making common cause with those Libyan exiles continuing to show solidarity with the revolution and making the points that our fight is their fight and that within that fight the bombers of the Obama and Cameron administration are on the other side, that of the capitalist class who armed Gadaffi, Mubarak, Ben Ali, Meles Zenawi and all the other dictators of the African continent, butchers of the working class and enemies of freedom now quaking due to the heroic struggles of workers who risked and lost their lives in Tunis, Cairo, Benghazi.

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