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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 22/03/2011 - 15:02

Daniel seems to imply that support for the Libyan revolution whilst opposing imperialism is some kind of 'slavish addiction to orthodox Trotskyist dogma' or some such nonsense. I think we should avoid insults in this debate and try to be polite.

"Are you seriously suggesting that "racist police off our streets" would be your banner-headline response to the police intervening to stop fascists beating up or killing a black or Asian person? "

No. That's not the point at all. If the fascists murder a Black person we'd be for the organised self-defence of the Black communities with labour movement support. We would not be for saturation policing or allowing police on to the streets to ostensibly defend Asian or Black communities- they may say that but the experience of Bolton 2010, Oldham 2001 and many other occasions suggests otherwise!

Arming the rebels is not pro-imperialist. It could be done by the workers' movement or we could demand it of the bourgeois governments if we were strong enough- the point is that the planes, missiles, guns, etc, should be under the control of the Libyan rebels not the imperialist forces who have a very different agenda in Libya than supporting the revolution!

The choice isn't simply Gadaffi or imperialism: it is or could be the independent power of the Libyan and wider working class across their region to take control of their fate, their collective resources and their society. We should support that.

There’s a couple of articles here and here further exploring this.

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