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Submitted by Mark on Sun, 20/03/2011 - 22:01

The StW protest in London today had about 100 or 150 people on it. 20 Greek Stalinists, 10 members of Socialist Action, Some US Stalinists, French Sparts, the CPGB-ML giving out a leaflet saying 'Hands of Libya! Victory to Gaddafi' (at least they spell out the meaning of 'Hands off Libya' and understand the SWP's 'Hands off Libya! Victory to the revolution!' is oxymoronic), CPB members with Soviet-era flags...
A tiny demo. This idiot left is isolated - rightly. Normal people can understand the meaning of 'Stop the bombing' - it means 'allow the massacre' - and they don't go along with it... Good for them.

The 300 000 Arabs in London. None with StW. Politically active Arabs are at the Libyan embassy. It is not even as if the SWP/Stalinists are there arguing for their position with Libyans...

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