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Submitted by Jason on Sun, 20/03/2011 - 19:33

"Jason, your slogan support libyan revolution, not intervention is meaningless.
Your support doesn`t means anything before Gaddafi`s slaughters."

That only makes sense if Western military intervention is the only option to avert a defeat of the libyan rebllion

Actually, as David argues, it is not even clear it will avert it. It may help defeat Gadaffi or the imperialists may refer a stalemate: they definitely won't allow a revoluiton that opposes Western influences- having French, UK and US missiles in the area won't help the LIbyan people then! It will help kill them!

What the West could do is divert massive aid into free Libya and Benghazi allowing the rebels to buy arms, training and military assistance under the rebel's control.

Of course they won't. They won't because they don't care a jot for the the people of Libya.

Socialists and trade unionists here should clearly support the revolutionary movements and the protest movements in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Syria. But we should also be absolutely clear that this means oppsing imperialism and go on the demonstrations against the Western attacks- yes with clear slogans and placards for arming the rebels, for opposing Gadaffi and the dictators across the region and those backing, financing and supporting them Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy, Fillon (guest of Mubarak three months back) etc.

What we can also do is have solidarity demonstrations with the exiles and raise money for volunteers to go to Benghazi and other areas to fight against the dictators and their backers.

This is not a shameful position, far from it. Backing imperialism is, as much as it woud be to back Gadaffi (armed funnily enough by....?)

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