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Submitted by Olivier_Rubens on Sun, 29/12/2013 - 07:52

A new website based upon the documents from Jean-René Chauvin given to the Centre d’Histoire du XXe siècle (UMR CNRS / université Paris 1) is now available.

This site is also offering links related to others militants from the trotskyist tradition (Yavn Craipeau, Michel Lequenne, Jenny Plocky, Eliane Ronel-Berthomé, Henri Berthomé), the left wing of the SFIO (around Pivert or Zyromski) or the Ecole Emancipée milieu.

Some documents in PDF files and a lot of videos ! And a wide historical range from the 30s to 2000s !

Due to the involvement of JR's father in the pre-1914 SFIO (he was a SFIO MP and a fellow of Jules Guesde), there is also some documents about that early period.

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