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Submitted by Bruce on Sat, 06/11/2010 - 13:42


Calm down! Nothing you have written has been censored from this website. All that has been removed - by whomever, not me - is an over-long post from another tendency available elsewhere on the net. If you just put the URL for that article up, nobody will object. We state clearly on the site:

"We operate no political censorship, but we reserve the usual editorial right to delete or cut comments which are racist or sexist; advertising; abusive; excessive in volume; or otherwise inappropriate."

The 'excessive in volume' clause seems to me to apply here.

It rather annoys me that you claim that nobody replies to you because we can't. Most of the points you raise on Yugoslavia and Iraq have been raised by others and replied to on many occasions in our press. As for me not replying to you, the rest of my life does not come to a halt every time you post something on this site. I will write some comments in due course.

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