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Submitted by guenter on Fri, 05/11/2010 - 00:25

hi bruce,
although u didnt reply yet, i want to ad a few more thoughts bout the fact, that ex-yugoslawia after the war, espec. croatia, turned into a colony of germany, something what was never mentioned in the articles of AWL bout the war against yugoslawia, and i also didnt find nothing about rambouillet. there, the official protocol of ramboillet with the ex-foreign minister of germany, joschka fischer (an terrible asshat, which i once did knew personally) had an 2nd secret protocol, which included that a)milosovic had to allow to station the nato-troops in serbia and b) had to agree with splitting kosovo off within 3 years. it was very clear, that no govtm in the world wud have agreed with such an dictate from an foreign power, and that this did invite the following cleansing of the kosovarians. with the beginning of the war, the german war propaganda talked about 30.000 murdered kosovarians, later reduced the propaganda down to 8.000, in the end to 1.000. a "genoicide" looks different.
germanys war-minister at this time, scharping, used to create several horror-stories about serbs who cutted off the stomachs of pregnant women, cutted the fotus out and played football with it. he become a proofen liar and had 2 admit it. how can we believe a single word of them?!?
germany´s perhaps most famous living author, peter handke, did spend a lot of time in serbia, and when he was back, reported a million lies of the war-propaganda-machine. he also experienced, how the hospitals and the average people have been bombed. in other words: those, who believe that the NATO went on war to help the albanians and to stop an ethnical genoicide, are as naive than those, who believe that USA is in iraq "to bring them democracy" or in afghanistan to protect women rights!

lemme put an article here bout anything from SEP, which is definitive not my group, but i think they did a good long research bout what this war was really for.this time it sounds convincing to me what they say. let me see, if u can argue with that all and how u will do it.

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