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Submitted by AWL on Wed, 31/03/2010 - 15:01

Eastern No.6 CWU branch committee has recommended a 'no' vote in the ballot on the deal. Kamal Badhan spoke to Solidarity

Why the no vote?

There are issues in there around deliveries that need to be addressed, like walk spans. A lot is left to local negotiations and we think that, locally, Royal Mail won't negotiate - and then we're back to square one.

For example, we have already been told that the director for our region has given a minimum 4 hour walk span without negotiating with us.

What is the plan B? What should the union do if we reject this deal?

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. All we wanted to do was sort those issues out around deliveries before we accept the deal.

Door-to-doors aren't nearly as big an issue as the question of locally negotiating walk spans. The 2007 agreement was all about local negotiating and that's why we had a strike last year

Why did the PEC put this deal forward?

There are safeguards in there that both parties will negotiate to everything. The union is committed to negotiate, but we're not so sure about Royal Mail: we still have our fears that they won't want to negotiate at the local level.

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