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Submitted by AWL on Wed, 31/03/2010 - 13:40

What do members in your branch make of the deal?
A lot of our members are saying that there's not enough in it. The majority of members in NI will lose money over door-to-door. Others are complaining about the lack of detail. The deal talks about RM 'consulting': we've had experience of the way RM 'consults' - they tell you what to do and they don't negotiate.

How are things going in the negotiations with management under the Interim Agreement at the moment?
Generally it looks like management are trying to rush through savings - speed-ups and so on - in advance of a ballot on this agreement, and then they'll try and get further savings once the deal has gone through.

How do you think the vote on this agreement will go in your branch?
It's a hard one to call at the minute but I think it'll be very tight.

A lot of posties are saying that you have to vote 'yes' to this deal because 'there is no plan B'. What might a 'plan B' look like?
My first reaction was to reject the agreement and keep what we have at the minute. After going to national briefings I've changed my opinion of it - but I'm still concerned that we'll be at the beck and call of RM whatever happens. It comes down to RM's interpretation.

Why do you think the PEC voted overwhelmingly to put this deal out there?
It's hard to think what the PEC's reasoning was in this case. Maybe they just wanted something, anything to bring the industrial action to a halt.

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