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Submitted by AWL on Sun, 14/03/2010 - 15:44

Since the conference the Socialist Resistance group has apparently abandoned even the mild, hinted-at criticisms it didn't-quite-make on the day.

In the 'Respect Paper' produced by SR as a vehicle for George Galloway, the conference is reported uncritically in Morning Star-style, with little political commentary:

"Over 600 people came to a successful Unite Against Fascism national conference... They discussed how to take forward the campaign against the British National Party... Workshop sessions included..." Weyman Bennett and Ken Livingstone are quoted uncritically ("said... said..."), as is 100 percent Blairite and semi-racist Barking MP Margaret Hodge!

My guess is that SR would have been at least a bit more critical, but that the views of their right-wing allies in Respect ruled this out. We'll see if there's any criticism in the next issue; somehow I doubt it. Meanwhile: comrades, this is utterly wretched! Don't you feel ashamed?

Sacha Ismail

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