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Submitted by Matthew on Wed, 27/01/2010 - 09:35

An interesting view of Larkin's Catholicism is to be found in Keeping My Head, the memoirs of Harry Wicks, a member of the Balham Group, the first British Trotskyist organisation. He describes how Larkin gave a talk to him and fellow students at the International Lenin School in Moscow in the late 1920's (one of them his son, Jim Larkin Jr.):

"His main theme turned out to be the unlikelihood of a Communist Party taking off in Ireland. What stuck in my gullet most was that, for some reason or other, he was very critical of James Connolly. Emphasising the stranglehold of the Catholic Church, he went out of his way to note that even Connolly had died in its arms."

Larkin himself would of course "die in the arms" of the Catholic Church in 1947, his requiem mass being celebrated by the archbishop of Dublin.

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