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Submitted by Clive on Mon, 25/01/2010 - 11:22

" some cases putting the needs of the class struggle at least temporarily above the struggle against religion."

But Sacha, this is just obvious, isn't it? Of course in any given struggle, the needs of that struggle are 'above' opposing religion (I guess with the exception of struggles where you have to differentiate and oppose political-religious forces, eg Hamas). If you're involved in a strike, wining the strike is more important than disabusing your co-strikers of their belief, if they have it, in God.

The question is, how important, right now, is the struggle against religion, as a struggle *in its own right?* And how is *that* struggle best waged - by forthright atheism, or not? If most religious people are 'members of our own class who we want to struggle alongside', how do we nevertheless tackle their religious views? Or shouldn't we?

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