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Submitted by Matthew on Sun, 24/01/2010 - 19:55

As Clive says "Dawkins et al can be quite sniffy about why people are religious, reduce complex issues (like the Middle East, say) to merely a matter of religion. But on the actual issues - the arguments about God, science vs revelation - they're right". The idea that somehow we're on the same side as Christians who believe in evolution is I think radically wrong. While they may appear more rational than their fundamentalist bretheren, they are actually far more confused and inconsistent in their ideas. If you're a Christian who doesn't believe in evolution you think that an all-powerful God made the universe as it is now in one moment of creation. On the other hand, the Christian evolutionist who believes in that same God has to explain why such an all-powerful deity would bother with evolution with its slow, painful processes, dead-ends etc.

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