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Submitted by martin on Fri, 03/07/2009 - 19:42

As you may read elsewhere on this website, when challenged at an SWP fringe meeting at Unison conference Chris Nineham eventually promised that the SWP would respond to our reply.

They have not done so yet.

However, they have now responded to some other people.

Pete McLaren of the Socialist Alliance (a small group which keeps the name going of the old SA which was effectively trashed in 2004-5 by the SWP, in favour of Respect) has received the following reply:

> Thanks for signing our open letter.
> I am just writing to keep you up to speed with the latest
> developments.
> Since launching our open letter we have had meetings with various
> organisations and individuals that include Respect, Mark Serwotka,
> Socialist Party and next week we are meeting Bob Crow.
> So far everyone has agreed to come along to an informal meeting to
> discuss some kind of electoral unity.
> We hope that if that if this was successful we would like to hold a
> conference to discuss such issues.
> Yours in solidarity
> Martin Smith (SWP National Secretary)

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