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Submitted by Jason on Sun, 24/05/2009 - 09:54

I agree, Sacha, that defeating fascism requires most of all building a workers' alternative. However we need concrete steps. What do you suggest?

I suggest that where possible locally- and perhaps as a stepping stone to nationally- meetings are convened to co-ordinate campaigns- against job losses, privatisation, against cuts and racism- to netowrk, organise, plan and implemetn radical direct action: , strikes, rallies, occupations, militant organised self-defence.

This could be proposed to the different left groups and campaigns and most of all to rank and file trade unionists, trades councils, militant trade union branches etc.

It's no good just talking about these things- defeinte concret proposals need to be made and then acted on.

How do you suggest we move forward, Sacha?

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