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Submitted by lynn f on Sat, 06/06/2009 - 12:44

I have been estranged from the hurly burly of the political chaise longue for some time now, so please forgive a lack of polemical zeal.
As an active trade unionist however, I fail to see that a political version of fantasy football is really going to take us very far. In the union I work for we are, indeed belatedly, pushing to take up the bits of democracy left for us.This may seem small scale and hopelessly tedious to Daniel, but if we begin to take up the places on CLPs we are entitled to be can at least begin to move some furniture, if not kicking over the tables.
Short cuts do not exist, and working on the principle of starting from where we are rather than where we would like to be a hard slog is inevitable.
We could of course disregard the last century of labour movemant history and start again...
I would hope the AWL would support comrades attempting to engage in productive renewal work in the movement, however undramatic that may appear.
Disaffiliation seems to me to be an attempt to look clean.It's demagogic and populist.Its easy to be a crowd pleaser, rather harder to come up with a real strategy for revitalising our movement.
By the way, if Daniel finds Labour Party ward meetings poorly attended and bureaucratic, he should try the average TU branch meeting. But we are not looking at bypassing those - are we??

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