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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 20/10/2008 - 16:18

You ignore whatever I say and then say in effect something like Jason is from PR therefore Jason believes this (or latterly perhaps Jason doesn't but the rest of PR do) and come up with a schematic misunderstanding of a policy which only applies in concrete circumstances.

I never said you support the AIUF at all. In fact I never mentioned it- you though seem to think we do support it under all circumstances. I have given examples of where I think it doesn't work and in fact also shown that PR in their documents say it is a policy only to be applied in particular concrete circumstances> We don't just have slogans and plicies applied irrespective of what is actually happening. It was that caricature of Trotskyist politics I was attacking (attacking both the fact you are caricatruing us and that some people may on occasion actually operate that way). To repeat the AIUF only operates where sections of the working class are already in common action with and under the sway of bourgeois or petit-bourgeois leaders- circumstances that do not exist currently in Iraq (as Sadr is not fighting imperialism in any effective sense and no progressive forces can or should in any way advocate a united front with him or his militia).

On that we agree- yet you persist in ascribing beleifs to me or the organisation I'm in, beleifs that as I have amply demonstrated we do not have.

Where we disagree is on the necessity for troops out now and the necessity to condemn an Israeli attack on Iran. The rest I think is either flak or perhaps a genuine confusion on your part because you decide what we believe and then disagree with your version of what we are meant to beleive- only we don't. There's the rub.

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