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Submitted by Daniel_Randall on Sun, 19/10/2008 - 17:05

Talk about straw-men... I didn't mention Trotsky, or how the AIUF does/doesn't relate to "some textbook Trotskyist policy". (Although while we're on that, PR/WP people often defend their international perspectives by reference to the Trotsky quote in which he advocates backing "fascist" Brazil against "democratic" Britain, so if you want to stop people invoking Trotsky in this biblicist manner I think you should have a word with your own comrades, Jason.)

You've totally dodged the issue here; the AIUF is the bedrock of what PR says about how workers should struggle against imperialism, so I don't really think it's acceptable to respond to a question about its practical/real-world application by saying "never mind the details; what's important is what's best for working-class liberation!"

Indeed, Jason - and the entire point of this exchange is my attempt to convince you that at no point under existing conditions is the redundant formula of the AIUF any use at all in the struggle for working-class liberation, and that a "third-camp" perspective of working-class independence and opposition to global imperialism, regional/sub-imperialism and reactionary anti-imperialism is required.

You admit that it's "hard" to think of concrete examples where it might be possible to apply the AIUF formula. Shouldn't this tell you something?

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