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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 12:54

I didn't say I had no time I said I will have little time over next 6 weeks because of a personal family situation- I'd suggest thta this is no reason to be rude or dismissive.

As I have already posted the link to our web site in which we make it abundantly clear that the AIUF- where it applies and nine times out of ten it doesn't- is about breaking workers from bourgeois or reactionary forces.

I don't see why you assume this would automatically apply to the Mahdi army- a very strange assumption. You then- incredibly- state, our "objection to the Mahdi Army is that they're not really part of the resistance". Well no they are not in any way- let alone 'really' part of ther resistance- they are also murder trade unionists, gay people, women who don't wear the niqab and have fought a sectarian war of ethnic/religious cleansing against Sunni Iraqis. As I said before on several occasions.

As for your positions on imperailism- as I also pointed out before you (the AWL) are against 'troops out now', for a refusal to condemn an Israeli attack on Iran, just to give two quick examples. Both pretty disgraceful.

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