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Submitted by Jason on Thu, 02/10/2008 - 20:18

I too think Trotsky may have got some things wrong, certainly. I agree that we shouldn't really quote his positions as if they were somehow correct. Sometimes historical analogies may help clarify of course. But all too often (in the rarefied discourse of much of the left)disputes of today are played out in some kind of code about the past.

So criticism of the Tliban- entirely justified- or the ridiculous notion that Afghan working class can have some kind of united fornt with them is not always criticised on its own grounds (ample though they are0 but be refernec eot Ethiopia in the 30s (where possibly sime kind oif united font with some fledgling bourgeois forces, whilst arguing for an organising woirking class independently, may have been permissable- don't know enough really- though the feudal aristocracy fled).

Trotsky, horror of horrors, may have been wrong! So what? We don';t take our politics as doctrine but as worked living experience under the lights of reason and practice.

I may or I may not be at odds with a PR majority- only a vote (we haven't had on this) would tell- if I am that's fine. I'll argue my corner. But you, Daniel, do seem to have a caricture of my and our positions in general such that you assume to know our policy even in advance of such a vote. Anyway never mind.

Where I disagree with the AWL is in emphasis. We would and do say to Iranian militants oppose imperialism and the rgeime- this goes hand in glove with no contradiction despite the apparent protestations of both. The AWL seem to emphaises far more opposition to the regime to the extent that some have said (not everyone in the AWL but some) we should not 'condemn' an Isralei attack on Iran. We also disagree on the best way to fight imperialism- we see it as mobilising the working class. You I'm never quite sure. If pushed may say the same thing but all too often it seems in practice you are arguing against the left.

Of course we also argue against much of the left politically but with a clear perspective of working class unity in action. Many AWL comrades at their best seem to agree with this but it often seems to get drowned out- in my opinion- by denunciations of other groups.

One final caveat- that is my impression at times. it is not an accusation or anytihng. if people want to reassure me that I'm wrong (you don't think I'm a supporter of the Iranian regime or any other such nonsense) and thta you too want proactical aid and solidairty to workers in Iran and Iranian activists here which I'm sure you do and wnat to propose practical co-operation on this then fine. I will be pleased. However, I just fear I will be denounced yet again. I hope I'm wrong.

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