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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 29/09/2008 - 19:10

Sociall- absolutely agree no one should be on Ahmadinejad's side. To be fair to the AWL I don't think they have ever been less than clear on this however much they may have fudged other issues.

They have I suppose accused others on the left of being less than clear- not us in PR but others. The SWP for example clearly do not support Ahmadinejad but they do in a quite unprincipled and mistaken way on occasions object to our members raising the need for solidarity with Iranian workers.

Sacha and Daniel. It is not illegitimate to ask what PR's position is of course. But what you seem to misunderstand is that unlike in Workers' Power we don't have monolithic positions. We do have votes on policy matters but we have not had a vote on our precise policy to Iran having nuclear weapons. I know my position and I know what PR has written of HOPI's position. Perhaps some in PR have a different position? May be. Granted.

Third camp? OK thanks for the definition and in that case yes obviously. But overall rather than use the term third camp I prefer saying build working class independence.

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