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Submitted by Jason on Sat, 27/09/2008 - 12:05

The politics of the movement are absolutely crucial of course. We stand clearly for the working class of all countries to be at the fore of resistance to capitalism.

Sacha said before, "We oppose an Israeli attack on Iran. We are absolutely firm, absolutely clear and absolutely united on that.

What we object is the demand that we use the word "condemn" when such an attack has not happened yet and we do not know what the consequences will be."

Perhaps though if you are saying now that you do condemn an Israeli attack- good.

We stand clearly for the working class of all countries to be at the fore of resistance to capitalism and to create a new society based on workers' democracy which will require complete independence of the working class from the bourgeois.

You offer no argument against this. Good. We are not debating third-campism whatever that is (actually I'm not sure). There are two camps in society- workers and the bourgeois. We stand for the working class.

I have never seen the Workers' Power cartoon. It sounds awful. However, breaking news- I am not in Workers' Power so it's no use quoting old articles from them (even if I was in that organisation then) or cartoons which I have never seen.

The politics of the movement should be based on working class self-emancipation. I am not going to compormise on that. Nor on the necessity of practical politics- getting out there and taking steps towards raising practical solidarity. I suspect many if not most or even all of the AWL agree with this even if sometimes they seem to have certain blindspots.

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