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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 26/09/2008 - 18:22

The second article was one from Workers Power. Martin perhaps finds it hard to beleive that an organisation doesn't have to have a monolithic policy on all matters.

That's up to him. However, we believe that it is a mistake to insist on absolute uniformity. PR's policy is established by votes- we haven't had a vote on this issue. However, our de facto policy may be more or less taken to be what is published on the web or in the journal if no dissent has been expressed- most of the time anyway (however this probably doesn't really apply to articles from a year before we existed). Even then I see no problem with minority views.

The real issue however is to assemble and rebuild a vibrant workers' movement whihc can take up the burning issues of workers' lives- including being resolutely against attacks by the US or its regional allies, attacks that will only strengthen th ehands of reactionaries whether in the White House, the Knesset or Majlis.

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