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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 26/09/2008 - 13:43

I will at some point try and come back to this but cannot for the moment due to family commitments and intense work pressure. I'll check out the references, for example. But just a quick respone to Sacha's point on semi-colonies- Iran is a semi-colony (on our definition not Sacha's) because of economic factors- it does not accrue massive profits from export of finance capital, it does not back up economic capital export with military interference etc. None of this means that iran's bourgeois are in any sense progressive or any less barbaric or exploitative. We are for the defeat of US imperialism- but that does not mean we support the Iranian bourgeois. It means that the workers' movement should support Iranian workers being armed and given weapons to defeat imperialism.

Support for the defeat of imperialism does not imply support for another bourgeois government- it implies that the working class needs to organise a revolutionary party to seize power and arms in order to better prosecute the struggle against imperialism (one tyhat almost all workers in such countries- extrapolating from my experience of living and working in Ethiopia and visiting Syria- understand, which is why their rulers sometimes - when it suits- fraudelently claim the anti-imperialist mantle.

I'll try and come back tot his but it might not be for a few days.


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