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Submitted by Daniel_Randall on Wed, 24/09/2008 - 13:07

Jason -

This is getting laughable. To nonchalantly pretend that you don't even know whether you're at odds with the position of your own organisation is a joke. Of course there's nothing wrong with having minority viewpoints (I have plenty myself), but serious revolutionaries are honest about the fact that they are minority viewpoints and will engage in a struggle to win a majority for them.

If your position is that Iranian workers should organise independently of all other class forces, and that only working-class resistance to imperialism can deliver meaningful social change, and that a victory for Iranian capital against US capital is in no sense progressive - then we agree.

If, however (and as I very strongly suspect), you actually support PR's position, which is to see "semi-colonial" ruling-classes as in some sense progressively anti-imperialist, to support their victory and to advocate "anti-imperialist united fronts" alongside them - then clearly we disagree.

I reiterate my direct question, which you failed to answer:

"if you believe (as we do) that the Iranian bourgeoisie really doesn't have any anti-imperialist character whatsoever, how precisely would a hypothetical PR section in Iran go about forming this mystical "anti-imperialist united front" with their bosses, exploiters and oppressors?"

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