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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 23/09/2008 - 15:45

I don't really like the term third-campist. In a war between Iran and the US we should be for the defeat of the US imperialists- at the hands of the Iranian working class.

I am pretty sure that PR is quite clear on this. I am not as far as I know at odds with the organisation. If I am then as you say fair enough- we are allowed to have different opinions after all.

However, I am definitely at odds with the AWL who seems to imply that we should not call fro troops out of Iraq or the defeat of US imperialism.

If we were in contact with a socialist group in Iran I think the main thing before giving advice would be to find out how we can support them, what practical steps of solidarity we could take- arranging funds, publicising cases, etc. However, we would also want to engage in dialogue and offer advice after making it clear that we are not the ones in the thick of it or having to make life and death decisions.

I suppose it would be to get involved in the workers' strikes as much as practicable, take up every sectional demand for wage increases, democracy, for workers' rights and raise the need for collective organisation and self-defence.

We would be for no political support to the mullahs, for an independent working class party, to say that the claims of Ahmedenijad to anti-imperialism are fake claims and that any workers or democrats who genuinely oppose imperialism cannot depend on any genuine defence from this bunch of crooks.

We would be for the complete separation of faith and state, for complete equality between the sexes, against restrictive dress codes, for democracy, including the right to distribute political and anti-religious literature, for the rights of oppressed groups such as the KURDS to self-determination.

I think matters of survival would be paramount and such an organisation would certainly have to operate clandestinely and seek out allies in more mainstream struggles such as over wages, student democracy, against targeting of worker trade unionists etc. All this is perhaps obvious and not necessarily of great value to Iranian militants who no doubt know these things- putting them into practice is a very different and difficult matter of course.,

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