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Submitted by sacha on Mon, 22/09/2008 - 16:41

Hi Jason,

I haven't got time for a proper reply now, but: if we'd had advance warning of the strike on Syrian nuclear facilities last year, then I think we would have had to oppose it, both because the human consequences *could have been* disastrous and because, given what Israel is, it could have involved all kinds of other nastiness, eg a crack down on the Palestinians. The fact that it turned out relatively "well" doesn't mean we would have been wrong to oppose it in advance, if we could have. But after the fact as it was, why should we "condemn" it? I think it's good that Syria's nuclear programme was destroyed with no or almost no casualities, repercussions etc etc. And saying that is perfectly compatible with saying I would have opposed it!

Do you "condemn" Iran's nuclear weapons programme? And do you "oppose" it, ie not want it to happen and think we - primarily the Iranian left - should fight to stop it happening?


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