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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 22/09/2008 - 13:29

We are implacable opponents of the Iranian regime. We never say under any circumstances to mute criticisms of it. In fact that is our criticism of much of the rest of the left who do seem to beleive that opposing imperialism means somehow covering up for thwe crimesof the iranian or other semi-colonial bourgeois.

You obvioulsy beleive it is impossible to say simply: "We oppose imperialism and we oppose the Iranian bourgeois who despite anti-imperialist rhetoric offer no defence against imperialist attack. the only way forward for the Iranian working class is its sel-organisation and self-defence. the best defence against imperialim is to arm the working class, occupy the factoreis and the land and we offer practical solidarity to iranian workers and pro-democracy activists."

We do say that however and condemn those who either cover up the crimes of the Iranian dictatroship or those who beleive we therefore cannot condemn an attack on Iranian workers.

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