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Submitted by Daniel_Randall on Sun, 21/09/2008 - 19:50

"Stalinism is NOT a politics arguing for the 'working class controlling society' as Daniel suggests."

What the fuck are you on about? Where do you get this from? Where did I "suggest" anything of the sort? Like, seriously...

...what the fuck?

Here's what I actually wrote:

"Stalinism doesn't just refer to the social system that existed in the USSR; it's a whole tradition of politics that have poisoned - and continue to poison - labour movements and lefts throughout the world."

You are literally making stuff up.

As for the business about counselling Iranian workers to "ally" with the Iranian regime, is it or is it not the position of your organisation that "semi-colonial" bourgeoisies, and other forces such as clerical-fascist (or very close to clerical-fascist) militias in Iraq, should be approached (quite how such an approach is supposed to be made, I'm not sure) as potential partners for the workers' movement in the "anti-imperialist united front"? A straight "yes" or "no", please Jason...

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