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Submitted by Jason on Sun, 21/09/2008 - 13:54

On the playground politics you may have a point- there’d be a lot more swearing and calling each others’ mums I guess! However, still best to avoid formulations like, ‘Try it sometime.’ It does risk coming over as slightly childish.
But far more seriously on the politics, Daniel is completely wrong. We support the forcible overthrow of the Iranian dictatorship by the organised working class. We are for the defeat of US imperialism in Iraq and if they invaded Iran there too by the organised working class arming themselves. We are in no way for any support for the Iranian regime or suspension of class struggle but for the workers organising against both the US occupation and the Iraqi and Iranian capitalists.

Daniel claims this is supporting, quote, “to encourage workers to ally with the Iranian regime”. Quite how he squares this is beyond me.
Daniel may not care if he insults people. Far more important though is having practical solidarity campaigns with e.g. Iranian exiles fighting
Or Iranian students facing imprisonment
if not worse.

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