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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 19/09/2008 - 19:01

I didn't just say it's insulting- though personally I do find it pretty insulting to be called by the name of a murderous barbaric distortion of politics that has had an effect on immediate family members. I'm not sure that is demagogic.

Demagogy s appealing to emotions in the absence of rational argument. I have made plenty of rational points about how we don't have to choose between two evils, about how an attack on Iran is not only a disaster for those killed but a triumph for reactionaries and far from defending the interests of Israeli Jews helps imperil them. However, I do think it is entirely relevant to point out that Stalinism like the crimes of the Iranian dictatorship has been responsible for – and in the latter case continues to be responsible for horrific crimes beyond most of our experiences (perhaps my wife’s father’s experiences aren’t directly relevant admittedly- it was just an example and it was on my mind as she has recently been to visit him).

But as I never once said any of the points Cathy falsely claims I did say how can I directly argue against them in my post responding to hers?

You don't have to choose between two evils- the Iranian dictatorship or imperialism.

There is an alternative- supporting working class resistance in Iran, Israel/Palestine, and Middle East as whole as a whole and here.

And what's with the final riposte- "It's called being honest.
Try it sometime."

Firstly, there is nothing honest about misrepresenting my political position and claiming I said things I never did and never would.

Secondly, 'try it sometime'- where have I been dishonest?

Can we not get over this kind of playground banter?

(And anyway you started it!)

PS That parenthesis was a joke in case anyone is tempted to pull me up on it!

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