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Submitted by Jason on Thu, 18/09/2008 - 17:49

and pretty insulting too! Actually far more insulting than swearing or rudeness- which I'm against just becuase it makes people look unfriendly and rude but personally don't get oo worked up about.

But lying is another matter.

I NEVER ONCE (sorry can't find bold button) said:
"• it is just like any other ruling class (no, e.g. the British ruling class did not come to power in a recent counter-revolution);"

Actually the Birtish ruling class is like any very brutal (participating as a leading player in a war and occupation killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, propping up global cpaitlaism through G8 and IMF killing over 30 000 children every day etc.

However, in the domestic arena it is very very different. I have not lived in Iran but know people who have and have lived in another country where people are routinely shot, tortured, beaten, raped either by the agents of the ruling class or with their complicity. You are simply lying about me having any kind of support for those bastards and that is sometrhingb that does make me angry- perhaps it shouldn't to be honest. But knowing people who have only narrowly escaped murder does I'm afraid.

I never said:

"• well, okay they may be clerical fascists but yah boo sucks so are the Israeli rulers (not true)."

Too stupid to respond to- yah boo sucks' about a regime that murders hundreds of thousands- please have some respect! And I have never used the word fascist about Israel's ruling class- brutal and nasty as it is not 'fascist'- inb fact this may be seen as something of an insult given the history of Jews and fascism but perhaps anything goes for Cathy in political discourse. Not for me.
"• alright you say the Iranian ruling class did organise a Holocaust denial conference but it was all much more pluralistic and open-ended than that (but why would any 21st century human being want to “debate” the Holocaust-what’s to debate(?))."

I never denied the conference and absolutely condemn it- I certainly never said it was pluralistic. Another lie.

"• we don’t want the Iranian ruling class to have nukes but we don’t want to point the finger at the Iranians right now so we won’t point the finger at the particular regime which has a drive to get nukes."

I never said that either. I acknowledged the argument some make that it is hypocritical of 'our' BOURGEOIS to point the finger but said very clearly that the working class has every interest in opposing Iran and others acquiring nuclear weapons.

Finally, you call me a Stalinist or Stalinoid. Again utter lies and insulting. My wife's father saw almost all his comrades murdered by a regime claiming to be 'socialist' but actually Stalinist. He had to go into hiding and didn't see his family for years. I have opposed Stalinism all my political life.

It is easy to bandy insults and throw muck in th ehope that it stciks. But it is a dishonest and entirely unhelpful way of debating.

Perhaps, if this was all just a petty debate in the privacy and safety of armchair class war it would not matter- it would not be pretty but who cares? But actually it takes place against a backdrop of class struggle activists in Iran facing death on a daily basis and communities here organising against deportation.

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