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Submitted by Jason on Wed, 17/09/2008 - 19:48

I suppose that it is quite possible that particular members of the ruling class are motivated by all manner of things including religion. However, as a class it has to protect its material interests and the bourgeois as a whole won't tolerate people who continually undermine profits. Of course religion can often be used profitably by the ruling class as can racism and other ideologies. Actually the anti-Jewish comments of Ahmedenijad are a good example. Nothing in Islam preaches destruction of the Jews- it would be a great sin. But Iran's rulers are quite happy to go against religion on this to foster hatred of an external enemy to divert people's anger- the fact that Israel's ruling class curelly oppresses Muslims is quite convenient for them of course.

I am not brushing off the risk of Iran developing nuclear weapons at all (though that of course is differnt from demagogic claims that they have them right now). I am saying that an attack on Iran is not only wrong in itself, causing death and destruction to Iranian workers, but will actually increase the risk of reprisals, as well as increase th epower of reactionaries.

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