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Submitted by Jason on Wed, 17/09/2008 - 16:25

Of course The Sun doesn't tell us much about Iran or anything else except a slightly hysterical version of what the bourgeois want us to think and it is of course possible to that an enemy of our enemy is not our friend- actually th eposition I've been arguing all along. Sean's comment strongly implies that iran is on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons and that this would be a defence for an Israeli military strike. It wouldn't and it is an exaggeration of the truth.

HOPI's position, and PR supports HOPI (as far as I am aware we have no publshed documents or discussion on the finer implications of it) is for a nuclear free Middle East. Fair enough- there is only one country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons as it happens- Israel. However, it is quite clear that if you argue for a nculear free Middle East you are not advocating that others have the bomb. There is of course an argument that our bourgeois arguing agianst Iran or other countries acquiring nuclear weapons is rank hypocrisy when other countries' ruling classes have them - including the only one to have actually used them in the field of war. However, the working class of the region have a fairly direct material interest in preventing any other ruling classes acquiring them I'd have thought. The only agent that can realistically bring lasting peace tot he region and the world is the working class organising against sectarian, religious and ethnic divisions that the bourgeois seek to exploit in our collective oppression.

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