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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 16/09/2008 - 22:35

I try to read popular tabloid and broadsheet papers as often as possible whether in libraries or at friends/family’s houses / cafes or whatever- probably manage to read a cross section two or three days a week at least, partly because I think it gives a useful indication of bourgeois ideology, the ideas of the bourgeois presented to a mass audience. My web search for the post below was undertaken in a matter of minutes but even here it yielded a couple of cases where as I said very clearly the lie or misrepresentation is that IRAN POSES A DIRECT AND IMMEDIATE THREAT to us. The Sun quote
“World experts predict Iran will have a nuclear enrichment capability, the last step towards building a warhead, inside a year.”
The Times quote contradicting that:
“American intelligence agencies startled the world last week by judging “with high confidence” that while Tehran continued to enrich uranium – which could be used for nuclear power or bombs – it had halted its nuclear “weaponisation” programme in 2003, before the MI6 meeting.
The declassified summary of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran not only ran contrary to its insistence two years earlier that Iran was “determined” to develop nuclear weapons, but flew in the face of accepted facts among western intelligence agencies. “
The Iranian ruling class like all capitalist ruling classes are thoroughly nasty thugs who would gladly wipe out millions of people in the pursuit of profits. The US and UK ruling class – likewise. They also lie- e.g. about Iraq. Pointing this out doesn’t make you in any sense complicit with the crimes of Saddam or Ahmedinejad unlike Martin’s slurs where he again repeats the idea that I was referring to whether or not Iran’s rulers are nasty- “What is the "lie" there? That Iran's leaders have said that they want to destroy Israel? No. That they might acquire nuclear weapons, and if they acquire them "just might try" to destroy Israel? No.”
But I said to repeat, in fact to quote what I wrote (complete with mis-spelling),” The lie I imperialist lie I referred to is the sort of tanbloid bourgeois hysteria that Iran is part of an axis of evil, that we are all about to be nuked etc.”

Just to repeat, only the working class can liberate itself and we should have no illusions in any of the ruling classes- whether the imperialists or the semi-colonial dictatorships.

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