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Submitted by Daniel_Randall on Mon, 15/09/2008 - 16:01

Jason writes:

"The alternative is to argue for the Iranian working class against all its enemies both at home and abroad. It is not too hard to understand but it does mean breaking form the false logic of my enemy's enemy= my friend."


But this rather misses the point that Jason is a member of an organisation (and beyond that, a particular tradition) that believes that various working-classes - in places like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan - should suspend their struggle against " home" in order to form an "anti-imperialist united front" with those enemies.

Jason's organisation, Permament Revolution, believes that as an imperialised "semi-colony", the Iranian ruling-class is an anti-imperialist force with which Iranian workers should ally against American imperialism. In the event of any war against Iran, Jason and his comrades will tell you that the victory of the Iranian ruling-class would be a victory for anti-imperialism and therefore a victory for all workers around the world.

Jason and PR can, of course, believe whatever they like about the "anti-imperialist" character of the Iranian regime. But they should be honest about their politics and not pretend that their views represent any species of third-campist, independent working-class analysis. They don't.

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