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Submitted by Jason on Sat, 13/09/2008 - 10:13

That's a wilful misleading distortion. The lie I imperialist lie I referred to is the sort of tanbloid bourgeois hysteria that Iran is part of an axis of evil, that we are all about to be nuked etc.

The Sun
The Times

This is on a par with Blair's lie that Saddam had WMD that in 45 minutes could produce carnage in European cities. Criticising Blair as a liar does not make us an apologist for Saddam. Nor does criticising Bush on the axis of evil or The Sun on Iran. Iran may be on the brink of nuclear technology. They may well be trying to develop weapons. This is a cause for concern- for the working class movement in the Middle East and beyond. But an attack on Iran makes life more dangerous for everyone.

Martin can lie all he likes about me supporting the Iranian dictatorship. Perhaps people can judge for themselves.
PR articles on Iran
But we will not join in the idea that organising against an attack on Iran is somehow supporting the Iranian regime. Actually the opposite is the case. Every imperialist threat bolsters the regime and makes the job of the workers' movement and democracy movement more difficult.

We OPPOSE Ahmadinejad and Bush. Some on the left seem to find this hard to work out. When we criticise Ahmadinejad, the SWP say, “You support Bush’s war plans”. When we criticise Bush’s war plans the AWL say, “You support Iran’s regime!” It really is a very simplistic logic. You can oppose two things even if they are mutual enemies. My enemy’s enemy is not always my friend.

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