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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 12/09/2008 - 17:26

The analogy was Sean's not mine. But it is wrong to say that there was a choice between
"an immediate end to the bombing and victory for Milosevic in annihilating the Kosovars". NATO bombing was in no way progressive. Thre only progressive solution was pracitcal solidarity to including arming the Kosovars.
NATO was and is an enemy of Kosovan self-determination.

On Iran, you say you sharply oppose an Israeli attack. Good. The same is clearly not the case for Sean who made th eanlaogy in the first place. He writes.
"there is good reason, from an Israeli point of view, to refuse to stand by and let people who have said that they want to destroy Israel acquire the weapons with which they just might try to do that."

This repeats imperialist lies- actually they normally use innuendo rather than outright lies that are easily disprovable- about Iranian capacity to strike Israel and gives good reason to the putatative actions of the Israeli ruling class. Hardly a sharp opposition.

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