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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 07/07/2008 - 09:39

It's perfectly feasible to be for the right of seperation whilst arguing against it e.g. Wales. I'm Welsh but I don't support independence for Wales- in a referendum if I still lived there I would campaign against independence for a no vote but I'd certainly support the right for Wales to be independent and if a majority voted for it then I'd argue that this should be respected. But the Welsh are not oppressed as Welsh though many are of course suffering from poverty and exploitation.

In Israel/Palestine the oppressed nationality is not the Jewish working class though I do as it happens know some Ethiopian Jewish people in Israel who perhaps are oppressed (or know of- through my extended family) through racism and extremely exploitative employment (to be fair though this is not to do wioth being Jewish but Ethiopian)but on the whole it is Arab people who are systematically denied rights. of course we support the right of Jewish workers including autonomy etc. but we would advocate unity. Surely not too hard to understand?

The controversial point in Palestine/Israel is the denail of national rights to the Palestinians. if you say you are for the right of return for all Palestinians to klive throughout the land of Palestine/Israel then fine.

However, every time this issue comes up the AWL position seems to be to defend Israel- not the irght of Jewish people to autonomy or self-determination which is not at issue but Israel as it currently is with withdrawl from ther occupied territories. We of course agree on that immediate demand. But there is a much wider issue. Why shouldn't Palestinains be free ot return to the land their fathers, mothers, grandparents lived in?

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