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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 30/06/2008 - 13:55

There are some good suggestions in this motion and it is cleverly worded.

Obviously meaningful solidarity with Palestinian trade unions, student unions, other working class organisations and indeed Israeli groups opposing the occupation is something worthwhile. This is the good part.

However, it is not necessarily counter-posed to a boycott of Israeli goods. This is the part of the motion that is confusing- conflating tow separate issues.

In my opinion, general boycotts are not a particularly sharp weapon- better are targeted campaigns e.g. against Caterpillar directly involved in supplying goods to the Israeli occupation forces. However, given the long standing suffering of the Palestinians and the growing popularity of the idea of boycotting Israeli goods then I think it is perfectly feasible to have solidarity with Palestinian and Israeli workers’ organisations and as a union refuse to buy Israeli goods and promote actions that oppose the occupation including campaigns to boycott goods produced by companies and organisations involved in the occupation of Palestine and the systematic denial of rights for Palestinians.

The idea that a boycott makes it impossible to make links with activists in Palestine/Israel is specious. For example, was it impossible to make links with South African trade unionists and workers’ organisations whilst simultaneously promoting the boycott of South African goods? No. Neither is it here.

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