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Submitted by martin on Fri, 22/02/2008 - 22:35

Turns out that the SWP can find someone like-minded on the left. The venerable Labour left weekly Tribune, of 1 February, carried an article by its advertising manager, Marcus Papadopoulos, hailing the Serbian presidential elections as "a chance for Serbs to pull back from the westward drift of recent years and re-establish their historic links with Russia".

It comments with apparent approval that "in the first round of the presidential election 55% of Serbs pledged their support to parties which have a policy of no compromise with the West over Belgrade's stance on Kosovo". "No compromise with the West" actually means "no compromise with" - let alone recognition of - "the rights of the Kosovars".

The latest Tribune, 22 February, "balances" the coverage slightly with an article by Ian Williams with the gritted-teeth headline, "Accept the reality of Kosovo independence".

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