Hands Off Our Weekends!

Submitted by Tubeworker on Tue, 27/04/2010 - 21:47

Reserve CSAs on Liverpool Street group have a guaranteed weekend off every four weeks. Management evidently think that they are living the life of Riley so have announced that they want to cut it to every six weeks.

Charming - you'd better start asking your kids to make appointments a couple of months in advance if they want to spend a day with you. And as far as Tubeworker can tell, Liverpool Street isn't even especially busy at weekends.

Staff are following the example of the signal maintenance workers and defending their right to weekends off. The RMT rep is leading the charge, but we hear that the TSSA rep is inclined to see things from management's point of view. Perhaps someone should remind him that that's management's job.


Submitted by Tubeworker on Mon, 24/05/2010 - 10:27

We think you'll find that the framework agreement doesn't mention the issue (although if you insist that it does, perhaps you could tell us the number of the clause concerned).

Rather, there is an agreement at functional level that it is good practice to have rest-day rosters for reserves and that if reps ask for it, management have to carry out a survey of the staff affected and implement such a roster for any grade of staff where the majority want it.

In other words, local reps can fight for a rest-day roster (or guaranteed weekends off, which is a version of a rest-day roster) if the staff want it and if the reps have the will to fight for it.

Experience tells us that where reps defer to management's "right" to withdraw from agreements rather than defend the agreements they have, then the effect is to give management a headstart on the issue, and workers will come off worse.

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