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Submitted by Janine on Thu, 10/08/2006 - 13:36

Is Hugo Chavez:

(a) the President of Venezuela?; or

(b) the real leader of the Arab people?

According to George Galloway at last Saturday's anti-war march, the answer is (b).

Workers' Liberty and Socialist Appeal / Hands Off Venezuela have had interesting debates as to whether Chavez is a friend of the workers. But at least both of us know which country he's in charge of.

Really, sometimes the combination of naff politics and a demagogic speaking style leads you to say the most ridiculous things.

The AWL, Labour and the Left


Submitted by Pete on Mon, 14/08/2006 - 21:58

And if people want to see the speech go to here for the video clip (turn down the speaker, the one attached to your computer that is, little can be done about the prat on the platform). Other highlights of this speech by the great 'socialist' leader of RESPECT is the identification of the cross-political alliance of Stop the War, 'we, the conservative, the liberal, the ...' and his giving primary place to Hassan Nasrallah as the main leader of the Arab people. To the deranged manic cheers of the crowd, or at least the ones at the front. Did none of the other speakers at that event try to distance themselves from this crap? McDonnell, Serwotka, were they awake?

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