Rule Book changes help job cuts

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 21/04/2014 - 21:49,

We all knew that LU couldn't implement station staff cuts without rewriting the LU Rule Book. Changes will come into effect on Monday 28 April... the first day of our next strike.

Worryingly, "The requirement for accessing a station when closed or unstaffed", which has applied to surface stations since the 2007 Rule Book, will be extended to "all stations". This means that engineers, cleaners, and other workers on stations could have to evacuate themselves from an unstaffed subsurface station! As one cleaning worker put it: "I like to know that if the station got broken into overnight, there is an LU supervisor there, watching everything on the camera, who has got my back". Unions have not agreed to this change.

Another change is that "Station supervisors are no longer responsible for checking worksites after the work has finished". The person in charge has sole responsibility. LU operational staff should decide whether the area is safe for the travelling public. It's just another pretext for cutting jobs.

Unions have raised objections to the changes. These need to be turned into an active campaign. Unions should start making preparations for engineers, cleaners, and other staff to refuse to work on unstaffed stations.

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