Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Submitted by Tubeworker on Fri, 09/02/2007 - 19:29

Managers have been grovelling around on the stations, talking to new starters to 'clear up the issues' surrounding the ballot. To them, 'clearing up the issues' means repeating the nonsense of the employees communications bulletin in a somewhat pathetic attempt to secure a 'no' vote! Do GSMs have so little work to do that they can afford time out to shmooz the new starters? Or maybe a key role of management is to try to contain the workers when they are impatient for their overdue pay rise and when they organise to claim it.

Probationers very often have little idea what they are 'on trial' for during their first six months. They instead have a vague fear of doing anything that might get them into trouble six months down the line. It is clear that management have been trying to exploit that fear, intimidating new workers into voting 'no'. Many don't realise that joining a union and taking part in strikes are not included in your probation assessment at all. They can't be. The union needs to send a strong message to new starters that they can participate in the strikes without fear.

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