Venezuela: Ruben Gonzalez sentenced 7 years and 2 months for a strike!

Posted in Olivier_Rubens's blog on Wed, 02/03/2011 - 15:46,

On 1 March, in Cuidad Piar, Ruben Gonzalez, a trade-unionist in Ferrominera, was sentenced to jail for strike action. Ruben said after the verdict: "I will go in jail but I had done what I had to do". His lawyers called 70 witnesses as the accusation was only calling 5 witnesses. The charges were: plot, incitment to crime, violation of a safety zone, obstacle to the freedom to work!

All the sectors of the workers' movement independent from Chavez government agree to analyse that sentence as a threat against the freedom to strike for workers. Orlando Chirino and Jose Bodas, leaders of the Corriente Clasista, Unitaria, Revolucionaria y AutĂłnoma (CCURA) condemned this sentence.

In a few days, Chavez gave a summary of his politics: jail for strikers and support for Gaddafi, the butcher of the Libyan people.

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